Daiva Art is a cosy sanctuary for those who like leather and fur garments. We call it a sanctuary since this salon is a business, developed for years by our entire family. Many ups and downs toughened us up and made us strong, self-confident, constantly improving and believing in what we do.

I still see my dad sitting at a sewing machine as if it was yesterday. I used to watch him sew, cut furs, leathers and other materials as well as communicate with his clients; however, the most wonderful thing was seeing the end-result of his hard work. As a child, I was very curious, so he would tell me how he learned tailoring in his youth, how he used to tailor by his hands, joking, “I tailored for all the ladies”. He was happy since people happily wore his designed or tailored garments. He also would tell me about studying styling and sewing in Vilnius and opening his artel in Kaunas. I would listen to his stories over and over again, while designing garments for my dolls, adjusting leftover patches of my dad’s works to my models.

The years went by and in these years my dad’s words got through to me. So here I am, sitting in my workshop, surrounded by a wonderful team, my husband and the entire family, telling you my story. Daiva Art is creativity, family, love, a way of life and a home, where you are always welcome.

I remember every lesson my dad gave me: to never worry, to be myself, to believe in myself and to seek my goal, therefore I do not regret my days of hard work, scalloped fingers from cutting leather or the dark circles under my eyes from sleepless nights. Everything that was done for the client was worth it, as my dad used to say, “They are happy wearing garments designed by me”. I would never take the whole credit as without my husband Saulius, daughter Ernesta, our whole team and naturally you our dear and faithful clients I could not create this miracle.

We constantly participate in various exhibitions, where we look for inspiration, follow the current leather and fur garment fashion trends and communicate with the best leather and fur providers from Lithuania and Italy. The range of our products is very wide. Starting with haberdashery such as leather belts, bracelets, bags, backpacks, palm-fitting bags or travel bags, followed by garments of natural leather or fur such as dresses, shirts, pants, shorts, coats, jackets, fur coats and finishing with natural leather garments for bikers. Of course, we do not limit ourselves to this short list. We have clients with the weirdest of visions. We tailored costumes for a carnival and adorned a bride with a white leather dress for a biker wedding. We also fix leather or fur garments. We try to make each of our garments unique and our yearlong experience assures the highest quality.

 Daiva Art salon has a great variety of leather and fur samples, which are constantly renewed. Garments are not made in separate production sessions; each garment is tailored individually. It does not matter if it is for order or sale. It not only guarantees quality, but also assures that our garments are seamless and one hundred per cent finished. Nowadays handmade products are highly appreciated and exceptionally rare due to the development of technologies. We often decorate our fabrics withhandmadenatural leather flowers; we sew various crystals and even draw, therefore our fabrics are not only original, but also unique.

Daiva Art team will not only tailor you a garment from natural leather or fur that fully suits your needs, but will also consult you and give you advice on which leather or fur to select for a particular fabric. You will be able to tailor everything, from coats to dresses and biker garments.

All of our clients are serviced individually; we take into account their wishes and needs to create their desired garment. Each fabric is an individual work of art, created only for you. Each season new collections are introduced and sold.

Natural leather and fur fabrics are long-lived, always dominating the fashion trends. They are appreciated for their comfortability and can be used with many variations of outfits.

Daiva Art is creativity, family, love, a way of life and a home, where you are always welcome.

Yours truly,


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Daiva Sičkuvienė