Rules and privacy


  1. General provisions

  2. Those purchase – sale rules (next – “Rules”) are mandatory de jure document, which sets Customer (next – “You”) and Dealer (next – “We”) rights between us, duties, responsibility to You by purchasing goods in electrical shop (next – “e-shop”).

  1. Purchase – sale contract moment

  2. Contract between You and us is made from that moment, when You in e-shop are formed item cart, indicated delivery address and chosen presentation option, click button “Order”.

  3. Each contract, made between us and You, is secured in e-shop.

  1. Your rights

  2. You have rights to buy items in e-shop according these and e-shop rule orderliness.

  3. You have rights to refuse to buy goods – sale contract with e-shop, except those cases when purchase- sale contract can not be reject by Republic of Lithuania laws.

  1. You commit

Accept ordered goods and pay agreed sum of money.

If changes indicated data in your registration form, You must update them as soon as possible.

You, using e-shop, accept with those purchase – sale rules and must follow them.

  1. Our rights

  2. If Customer tries to harm e-shop work or stable operations, we can without any warning limit, stop opportunity to use e-shop or delete Customer registration.

  3. We, if important situations rises, can temporary or permanently stop e-shop activity without any notifications.

  4. We can one-sidely change conditions of these rules.

cannot to deliver Your ordered item, commit to offer for You analogical product, if You refuse to accept analogical item, give back paid money.

  1. We commit

  2. Create all conditions for You to use e-shop provided services rightly.

  3. Present Your ordered items regarding indicated address.

  4. We cannot to deliver Your ordered item, commit to offer for You analogical product, if You refuse to accept analogical item, give back paid money.

  1. Goods presentation

  2. Items are delivered by us or by authorized person.

  3. At the product presentation time You must together with us or our authorized person check shipment condition.

  4. If You noticed in package existing items external damage, scratches, corrosion infringement, have rights to do not accept things, which are in package and inform us as soon as possible about it, about that fact, You must mark in shipment consignment.

When You accept item and sign in consignment without any complaints, is considered, that shipment delivered neatly, and You don’t have any regrets.

  1. Item return

  2. Goods are returned by accordance to 2001 June 29 Republic of Lithuania agriculture minister order Number 217 “For item returning and changing rules approval”.

  3. Returned product must be qualitatively stacked. You are responsible for the full item packaging. If shipment isn’t fully packed, we or our representative do not accept commodity for return.

  4. Item must be returned in tidy package. It needs to be not damaged, clean, rightly prepared and packed. Near commodity must be all documents, received with item.

  5. Goods are returned with Your own transport, except cases, when commodity is returned due to low quality.

  6. When returned defected item, we commit to accept low quality item and change it with analogical product. If we do not have analogical item, we return money which were paid for product.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PRODUCTS WITH DISCOUNTS ARE UNRETURNABLE.

  1. Responsibility

  2. You are absolutely responsible for data justice, which were indicated in registration form. If You do not submit accurate data in registration form, we don’t answer back for negative effects.

  3. You are responsible for actions, completed by using e-shop.

  4. You are responsible for recognition code transfer to third party countries. If third party countries uses Your recognition code, You are responsible for actions which were taken by these countries.

  5. We do not answer back for information which is in other sites, even if You reach them by using links in e-shop.

  6. When damage rises to prominence, guilty country pays to other country due to negative actions.

  1. Information sending

  1. We sent all notifications to Your email, by address which is indicated in registration form

  2. You all messages and questions must sent in e-shop section “Contacts” with address or email address.

  1. Final provisions

  2. For those rules are applied Republic of Lithuania law.

  3. All disagreements due to those rules implementations are solved using negotiations. If negotiations were unsuccessful, disagreements are tackled by Republic of Lithuania law orderliness.

Privacy provisions

Common provisions

those privacy conditions (next – „conditions“) govern main principles and orderliness, which Customer (next – „we“) manage in e-shop (next – „e-shop“) Customers (next „Your“) personal data.

Your individual data management is set by those conditions, LR Persons data legal security laws and other law acts, governed those data collection.

We commit to sell goods for physical persons, which are not younger than 18 years. If You are younger than 18, You can buy only with parents or caregiver acceptance.

Registration submission rules

You in registration form need to submit full, detailed and right information about yourself. If in registration form You fill inaccurate, false or confusing data, we have right to cancel Your registration and delete data or limit Your abilities to use e-shop.

We recognize and respect each physical persons, who visits e-shop, right to privacy. We collect and use physical persons data (name, surname, birth data, address, phone number, electronical email and other in e-shop registration indicated information to:

  1. process Your goods or services ordering;

  2. solve problems related to items introduction and delivery;

  3. carry out other contract commitments.

Persons data are managed with safe devices, which secure those data from illegal and unauthorized destruction, disclosure or other unfair actions.

Not personal data this is to say related to Your purchases goods, we can use by statistic purposes. That statistical data collection will not allow directly or indirectly determine Your personal identity.We remain right for ourselves to transmit data to third party countries.

3. Persons data transfer to third party countries

We have right to transmit information to third party countries only to achieve goals in 2 point and 2 part

We do not transmit Your personal data to third party countries, if we didn‘t get Your separate agreement except LR laws established situations.

4. Person data alteration or updating

You have right to change and update information in registration form.

We must to have full, detailed and updated information about You, due to we could effectively carry out Your expectations and requirements.

5. Information or claim transfer

All notifications, related to person data management, are provided by electronic email or mail.

Response we make in that form, which we get message or claim.

6. Person data management

You agree, that person data, which with own Your desire was changed in registration form, would be processed according these rules.

7. Changing rules

We have right one-sidely or completely change Privacy conditions about it by informing in e-shop.

If You use e-shop supplied services after the conditions were changed, we consider, that You agreed with changing of the rules.

8. Final provisions

for those Privacy conditions are applied Republic of Lithuania right.

All disagreements due to these rules implementation, are solved with negotiations. If negotiations were unsuccessful. Disagreements are solved by Republic of Lithuania law orderliness.