Our services:
– MTM tailoring of fur coats produced from highest-class natural Lithuanian and Italian
furs (natural / suede sheep, fox, pony, chinchilla and mink fur which is all the rage in fur
fashion and is mostly demanded by our clients);
– MTM tailoring of garments from natural Lithuanian and Italian lambskin / calfskin leather
(natural leather skirts, dresses, pants, shorts, coats, jackets, etc.);
– Production and tailoring of natural leather handbags, backpacks, clutch bags or travel
bags from Lithuanian or Italian calfskin leather;
– Tailoring of fur collars from highest-quality Italian and Lithuanian fox, chinchilla or mink
– Designing the desired product that meets the client’s requests;
– Repairing of fur coats, leather jackets, leather handbags or any kid of leather or fur
products (replacing lining, fixing tears / broken zippers, restyling garments, bringing your
old fur coat or leather jacket back to life by changing its model, etc.);
– Tailoring and repairing of biker garments.

Daiva Art is a brand of extraordinary design and quality. The experience we gained over
the years allows us to achieve the best of results. Our team consists of experienced
specialists, who will make your most extraordinary wishes come true. The passion for
creativity assures endless stream of new ideas; therefore, the products created by us
are custom-fitted, designed exclusively to You.
A wide range of highest-quality furs and leather. Being actively interested in the newest
leather and fur processing technologies we offer various factures or leather and furs of
unique colour. Since the assortment of raw materials constantly changes, do not hesitate
to contact us for more accurate information. The designers will assist you in selecting the
leather or fur which is the most suitable for the product you desire. We are always trying to
offer our clients the best value for money. We encourage our clients to participate in the
production process and clearly express their wishes in order for us to achieve the best
Tailoring garments for bikers is another design field which distinguishes us from other
manufacturers. We offer natural leather wests, jackets, pants, jumpers, caps or
headscarfs. Do you feel like standing out from the crowd of bikers? We will tailor desired
emblems, titles or even draw the desired picture on the designed garments. Our form-
fitting garment will not only make your ride with the “steel horse” as self-fulfilling as
possible but also attract the attention of your counterparts.
Open communication with the client is our key to success. Just like you, we may face the
same obstacles in life, therefore our decisions are always taken by having our client’s
needs in mind. Thus, the delivery time / deadline is flexibly adjusted to the needs of the
You are our road to success. We create small miracles and you help making them great.
We are looking forward to your orders. Our team is eager to fulfil them.

Yours truly,