Crazy Horse leather is made from the highest quality full grain leather by covering it with specific kind of wax. This skin has a unique, ancient look, such skin has minor imperfections: various scars left by scratches or insect bites, vein pattern. When making a product from this type of leather, we always try to keep as few scars as possible, so that you can leave marks on your favorite handbag or backpack over time and thus create a story with it. Any light scratching or rubbing by changing the direction of the skin or a slight bending of the skin leaves its mark and creates a different shade. However, Crazy Horse leather is the highest quality leather and any visible scratches are not a flaw, it is precisely the uniqueness of this skin type and the main feature that gives this leather products an aged effect.

We currently offer the following CRAZY HORSE leather colors, which you can choose according to your taste when ordering: