Over time, the range of handbags and backpacks increases. We can choose between different materials, colors or shapes of products. Among the various abundances, we usually get confused, find it difficult to choose the one that we will be happy to wear, combine and style with different outfits. So how do you choose it?

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First, it is important to evaluate what the handbag will be used for. Whether you use it for practical, everyday – carrying books, documents or other items, or it will be handbag – giving individuality and exclusivity to your image.

Type. When choosing the type of handbag or backpack, it is important to remember mentioned sentence – to assess the purposes for which the product will be used. There are different types of handbags and backpacks: casual, sporty, elegant and luxurious. Everyday is adapted for work and science, it is spacious, so it is possible to carry a lot of things, books or documents. Sporty also adapted for everyday use, can be used as a sports or travel handbag. Elegantly adapted to combine with fancy or classic outfits, when traveling to a party, going to dinner or to meetings with friends. Luxury handbags are usually decorated with natural fur or Swarovski crystals, which give a spice of exclusivity and luxury. Also, you can choose a handbag / backpack that is the best option for those who want to have that gold middle that will match both products at the same time – the handles snap the way you want. In addition, it is important to mention backpacks that are suitable to wear both in casual wear and in a suit, so choose one that will fit in style in a variety of combinations.

Size. When considering the size of your handbag or backpack, it is important to decide how much and what you will put on. Handbag / backpack sizes: large, medium, small, mini. Large handbags or backpacks usually have extra compartments or pockets to hold more items. Medium-sized products are most commonly used because they hold the most important items, such as book documents, a computer, and so on. Small handbags usually hold a small number of items, these will be the most important things you will need during the day. Mini handbags or backpacks usually only hold a wallet, phone, and a few small items such as keys, lipsticks, and more.

Material.Daiva Art uses only natural Italian, Spanish and Lithuanian leather of the highest quality. Plain genuine leather – lacquered, it can be shiny or very shiny. Crazy Horse leather is very natural leather, matte, which is scratched and can be painted on. The surface of this skin is not covered with special materials and resins that protect the surface from scratches. It may contain insect bites, small scars or wrinkles. It is a product that reflects the characteristics of the skin of the animal, such irregularities and marks are not considered as defects of natural skin. Leather of various finishes is used: thick, thin, medium.

Color. Most buyers choose the classic black color, but the range of colors is much wider. It is important to choose a color that you like that you can combine with a different wardrobe. In spring / summer, brighter, more vibrant or pastel colors are usually chosen, and in autumn / winter, darker or black.

Price. . It is important to estimate that a handmade, genuine leather handbag or backpack will cost more than an ECO leather product. If you want to have a long-lasting, stylish and durable product, choose genuine leather – it is an investment in an accessory that will accompany you for many years and serve you in everyday activities. Daiva Art is priced at a variety of prices, so you should consider how much you can spend. kokybės, funkcionalumo ir kainos santykį.

Also, when choosing a handbag or backpack can take into account the type of figure:

  • Hourglass figuretype owners are suitable for a variety of shapes, so the choice is very wide, but to create a strict image, it is worth choosing strictly shaped handbags or backpacks, and for leisure – more rounded shaped accessories.
  • Women with a pear (triangular) figuretype are recommended to choose shorter handles, it is important that the handbag is not long. It is best to have a handbag under your armpit.
  • For circle (apple) ) owners, it is best to choose tighter shapes, handles or palms with long handles.
  • An inverted triangle –shoulder bags, or handbags that are carried in the hand is the best choice.
  • RectangularThe large, soft leather handbags recommended for the type of rectangular figure can be decorated with tassels, rivets, etc.